Modernism, Postmodernism and Beyond! Death to the Future Part 1: Modernism to Postmodernism

Modern = of the new

Modernism = the history and philosophy of modern art

Modernity = the time period modernism happened in


Modernism 1869 – 1960

  • Industrial Revolution
  • Movement from rural to urban
  • 2 World Wars
  • Rise of middle classes
  • Change in communication
  • Scientific advances

Themes and Concerns:
– Progress
– Production
– Form follows Function
– Abstraction
– Rejection
– Rebellion

Modernism everything is chronological order
Post Modernism makes us question the history of Modernism
Duchamp is the first Post Modernist

Post Modernism 1970 – 1990
– Age of information
– Age of Consumption
– Age of www.
– All the ways of understanding the world
– Skepticism towards everything globalization

Themes and Concerns:
– Consumption
– No style
– Mixing of materials
– Combinations
– Witty and Ironic
– Complexity
– Mixed Media
– Borrowing ideas
– Ornaments
– Decorations
– Patronizing
– No Known Meaning


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