Visual Analysis – Pop Art

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 16.42.08
Artist: Richard Hamilton

Title: Interior II

Measures: 1219 x 1626mm

Gallery: Tate

Date: 1964


Hamilton uses many different forms of art to create his well-known and popular collages. Hamilton uses popular entertainment to make his own work different from anyone else’s and to create his own art form all together. Hamilton uses both bright and pastel colours within this piece; the use of both types of colours creates a really appealing contrast and makes certain brighter parts of the image stand out. The way that Hamilton uses the work from a magazine in his collage shows how Hamilton designed and created this for a mass audience and to keep up with the modern times. I really like the way that Hamilton has used a cut out from a magazine in the shape and form of a woman because it adds a bit of obscurity to the piece. Hamilton uses many different forms of art to create this piece and his collages to show his appreciation for all forms of art. The lines within this piece include horizontal and diagonal to a certain angle. The way that Hamilton has put the rectangle full of bright colours in the bottom right hand corner on a diagonal shows the obscurity of the shape compared to the continuous horizontal line on the left of the piece. This symbolizes the odd and random style within this piece and the transformation art had taken from its traditional roots to the new ear of pop art. 


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