The End of Art? – Op, Pop and Conceptual Art

Op Art is geometric abstract art that makes the audience have a physical response. It excites and manipulates your eyes.

Op Art (Optical Art) 1950’s – 1960’s

Themes and Concerns:

  • Geometric abstract art
  • Creates illusion of movement
  • Uses theories from psychology
  • Physical response
  • Big influence on fashion
  • Big influence on interior design


Main Artists:

  • Bridget Riley
  • Josef Albers
  • Jesus-Rafael Sotto
  • Victor Vasarely




Bridget Riley – Fall (1963)

  • Optical illusion
  • Repetitive lines
  • Lines are close to each other
  • Shows movement
  • Monochrome (Black and White)
  • High contrast



Victor Vasarely – Untitled (1963)

  • Thick lines
  • Consistant thickness
  • 3D
  • Different directions of the lines


Bridget Riley:

“repetition acts as an amplifier” 


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