Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art – From Duchamp to the Present
– 1950 – ongoing
– Various media
– Can be made out of anything
– The idea behind it is the most important thing

Influenced by:
– Dada Ready Mades
– Fluxus
– Minimalism

Main Artisits:
– Joseph Beuys
– Sol LeWitt
– Robert Smithson
– Lawrence Weiner
– Joseph Kosuth

Themes and Concerns:
– Concept before object
– Art work can exist as an idea
– A work of Art is not dependant on the work itself
– Art doesn’t need to take any physical form at all
– Direct defiance of Art market
– Destroying the idea of value


Sol LeWitt – Wall Drawing #1136
– His idea
– Didn’t paint it
– Painted after he died
– Bright colours
– Eye catching
– Different direction of lines
– Repetition


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