Dare to Dada? – Death and Destruction

  • 1915/16 – 1922
  • Zurich, Paris and New York
  • Diverse art practises
  • Questions what can be art


  • Disgust about WW1
  • Reaction to the war
  • Changing art, more playful
  • Destroying classical art

Main Artists

  • Man Ray
  • Hugo Ball
  • Hannah Hock
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • Hans Arp
  • Francis Picabia
  • Tristan Tzara


  • Manifesto created by Tristan Tzara, a poet, seen as an anti-Art movement
  • Sounds by Dada
  • Sound poems by Raoul Hawmann
  • Broke down languages to make different sounds that everyone could understand
  • Artists ashamed of their countries because of war
  • Wanted to get rid of languages
  • Wanted to make a universal language
  • Dada made films
  • Made fun of war, used humour

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