Visual Analysis

Artist: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
Title: “MR” Armchair
Measures: 80 x 55.9 x 94cm
Gallery: Met Museum
Date: 1927

This piece just shouts out Bauhaus from just the first look at it, the lines, the shape, the composition and everything else about this creation shows a clear link to the Bauhaus style. The lines chosen for this armchair are all very geometric and curved, the way the lines in the chair show an idea of fluidity and consistency it gives the chair a very modern feel. The limited palette chosen for this piece shows the basic and simplistic design that was created from the Bauhaus style and movement. The dark brown and the plain yet shiny silver complement each other yet still show a contrast between them. The contrast between the shiny silver and the plain bland brown allows the chair to be seen as more than just another piece of furniture, but a statement piece of modern style that wasn’t appreciated in the time of its creation. The shape of the armchair is also very geometric and curved with the idea of being very minimal. The shape I believe was chosen to be an aesthetic shape and show just how modern the Bauhaus designs were compared the time they were produced in. The texture within the chair consists of a wicker seat and shiny smooth metal for the curved legs. The choice of the wicker I believe yet again shows how the Bauhaus style was all about pushing the boundaries and trying to change how people thought of furniture. The tone within this piece is very dark and metallic, the contrasting properties of this piece add thought to how the designs for this creation came about. The industrial tone within this piece add another element to the appearance, making this piece even more modern. The design and composition is compact, very simple yet effective, it has limited diverse aspects yet this doesn’t stop it from being aesthetically pleasing. This design clearly belongs to the Bauhaus style, you can tell this by the modern design and the chosen lines and curved to create this certain look and style of chair.


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