Bauhaus – Art with a Social Mission

  • Work was so ahead of their time
  • Modern
  • Experimented with different materials for their furniture
  • 1913 – 1933
  • After World War 1
  • Revolutionised design
  • Influenced by:

1. De Stijl

  • Reducing visual elements to vertical and horizontal lines

2. Constructivism

  • Art should serve community and a social purpos

3. Cubism

  • Multiple viewpoints

4. Futurism

  • Repetition and machine reproduction


Themes and Concerns:

  • Art became a responsible activity
  • Utopian and Utilitarian
  • Make lives easier and happier
  • Truth to materials
  • Students were called Apprentices


  • Bauhaus designs broke away from the past
  • Created light and transparency
  • Bauhaus was founded in Germany
  • Their designs were reduced to only the essentials
  • Designed for everyday people
  • Designs were accepted by everyday people


  • Responsible for design classics
  • Everything had to be practical
  • Some designs are still produced today
  • By 1931 50,000 lamps had been sold
  • Textiles was a big part of Bauhaus
    • Reversible and washable


  • Toys were a big part of Bauhaus
  • Still produced today
  • Used geometric shapes
  • Modernised chess board design
    • Pieces are shaped representing the direction they move on the board



  • Bayer invented and created the Bauhaus font in 1925
  • Designed book covers 1924
  • Used horizontal and vertical lines


  • Designed Architecture
  • Flat roof
  • Open plan


  • Art should have a social purpose
  • Break barrier between fine art and craft
  • Simplification to geometric shapes
  • Revolutionised modern art.



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