Visual Analysis

Boccioni – Materia (1912)

Bocionni is known for producing futurist paintings and being one of the main artists involved in Futurism. This image is actually a portrait of Boccioni’s mother, even though it does not look like the normal and standard painting you would associate with portraiture. This image was created in 1908, four year before his death. There are various lines used in this image, they go from straight direct lines to curved organic bends. The variety of lines symbolises movement and the difference between the two types and shapes of lines Boccioni used. The colours used for this image consists of dull, dark and moody colours like brown, dark green and blue. These colours are used as shades and all blend and complement each other to make the overall sense of the image feel dull and slightly eerie. The tone this sets for this image is cold, this is because of the use of the blue and also the green. These two colours both insinuate a cold tone and an overall cold feeling In the image. You can tell that this painting is from the Futurism movement because of the way Boccioni has used the lines and colours in the image to show both the movement in the painting, with the hectic and contrasting lines, and also the tone of the image, with the pallet chosen.


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