Mondrian’s Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red

Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red was painted between the dates of 1937 and 1942 and was painted by Piet Mondrian. The painting sits at 727 x 692mm and is painted with oil paints on canvas. The original piece is held at the Tate Gallery however it has been replicated and reproduced for personal ownership. The lines within this piece are all horizontal and vertical, both very direct and showing the sense of being strong. Mondrian used a limited pallete for this painting, however he shows them in block colours making them stand out and be bold. The chosen the three colours, yellow blue and red, all mix together and compliment eachother, this making the viewer feel calm and balance when looking at this picture. The shapes within this image are rectangles and squares, the length of the lines and the varing sizes of the shapes add a sense of repetition into the image. The tone of this painting is warm and bright as Mondrian has used both yellow and red, both bright and warm colours, the use of the red and yellow overpower the blue when it comes to tone. The style this painting belongs to is De Stijl, a movement created by Mondrian himself along with another artist. The image shows that it belongs to this movement as it is of modern influence and only simple colours have been used.


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