Russian Constructivism

Russian Constructivism 1913 – 1930

  • Led by architects, sculptors etc
  • Wanted to communicate to the mass
  • Embraced any mass communication
  • Revolutionised typography and graphic design


  • Graphic Designer and Photographer
  • Used vibrant colours
  • Used diagonal lines to be direct
  • Wanted to get your attention and send the feeling of shouting

The image above is just one example of one of Rodchenko’s Photomontages. Photomontage’s were made to give meaning for the viewer, they convey various ideas and are able to show the contrast between other opinions portrayed in Photomontage’s when placed next to each other.

Russian Revolution – The Russian Revolution was the name given to the many revolutions that took place in Russia. One revolution was in February 1917, this was where the people of Russia began protesting and striking from work and refusing to work as they were unhappy with Czar Nicholas’ rule of the country.

Communism – Communism is where the resources of a society like mines, farms, factories etc are owned by the state or public within that society. Communism sees that wealth is divided among the public where it is needed.

Ideology – Ideology is a group or selection of ideas that show the interests and sometimes beliefs of a nation.

Propaganda – Propaganda is the spreading of ideas, statements and strong opinions that are often exaggerated to benefit a cause or sometimes a political leader.


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