Mondrian – Red Mill 1911


Mondrian – Evolution of trees

His early work like the Red Mill picture consisted of horizontal and vertical lines. The Evolution of trees showed the blending of both the background and the subject in the painting. This painting shows the blending of the background and the trees. After doing work in his new movement Mondrian re-did some of his old paintings and subtracted some of the details.

His later work like the image below shows pure abstraction and block colours being used. He used colour, shape and time effectively in his images and created a very simplified, pure, balanced view to create harmony in the world. He believed that art was needed to rebuild the world after the horror of WW1, if there was harmony in life Mondrian believed there would be no more wars.


During this movement, ‘De Stijl’, both artists felt like they wanted and needed to design everyone’s spaces so that everyone could live in peace and harmony. Therefore this led to the creation of pieces of furniture like the chair below which the colour scheme was based upon their famous and successful paintings.

The creation and designs of the furniture during this movement then led to the construction of an entire house based on this movement and what it represented. Both the inside and the outside of the house was inspired by the artists paintings and colours used. The house was called the ‘Schroder House’ and the colour scheme consisted of just red, blue and yellow.

Photo of modern house of white painted concrete and glass. 


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