Mondrian and De Stijl “The Style”


Mondrian Tableau 2 (1922)

  • Horizontal and vertical lines
  • Geometric shapes
  • Primary colours
  • Limited palette 
  • Simplistic
  • Balanced
  • Line, Shape and Colour


De Stijl 1917 – 1932

Mondrian 1908 – 1943

  • Influenced by analytical cubism
  • During and after WW1
  • Traditional painter of landscapes
  • Met Picasso when we visited Paris and created his own movement
  • In 1917 he formed De Stijl with Van Doesberg

Themes and Concerns

  • Theosophy = What we see symbolises deeper meanings underneath
  • Abstraction can be seen as a reaction to photography
  • Attempt to change the world with art



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