My Review of Jacques Henri Latigue’s Photographic Exhibition: Bibi

The images in Jacques Henri Latigue’s exhibition were displayed in chronological order and grouped within significance to the section of his and Bibi’s relationship he was covering at that time. I really liked the way his images were displayed because I think it was very effective when portraying their relationship and their story. It allowed me as the viewer to really understand each part of their relationship and the stages they went through as a couple and individually.

The exhibition is all about the relationship the photographer had with his first wife and all the things they went through together. It showed their relationship from the first meeting all the way to them going their separate ways and learning from the relationship. The theme throughout this exhibition is the love between Jacques Henri Latigue and Bibi and the changes they both made in themselves and in each other. During their time together both Bibi and Jacques changed due to their surroundings and time changing around them.  This is also a key theme within this exhibition.

I really liked this exhibition because the theme is really clear and the way that it is presented allows the theme to be appreciated even more. Each section of the relationship was portrayed within a selection of photographs, each showing a little bit more into who they were together and what their lives were like. I really liked the display in this exhibition and how much detail was put into each image. This exhibition has inspired me to look at my photographs and future images in a different way and look at them as a story and developments over time.



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