• 1909 – 1916
  • Influenced by Analytical Cubism
  • Based on movement
  • Created in Italy
  • Wanted ‘Orgy of destruction’
  • Speed and energy and dynamism shown as a big theme
  • Worshipped machine age
  • Right wing tendencies leading to fascism
  • Futurists Manifesto 1909

“the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed”

“We want to glorify war”

“We want to demolish museums and libraries”

(Very serious on making a change in the world, obsessed with machines and modern technology, wanted to make a big difference but not with the best intentions)


Dynamism of a football player painted by Boccioni (1913)

  • Fast paced
  • Non-Stop
  • Movement
  • Energy



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