Pablo Picasso – The Tragedy 1903


The colours used in this image are very dark and dull, cool colours have been used to show the overall feeling of the image. Different shades and tones of blue have been used in the sky and the sea, this making the greyness of the land more obvious and intriguing. They are no bright colours to be seen in this image, the paleness of the faces is the only break away from the darkness in the rest of the picture. The reason Picasso decided to use cool colours in my opinion was to show the feeling of sadness and disaster that is portrayed in the image, the darkness of the surroundings reflects and shows the darkness within the lives of the subjects in the image.  The use of no light or bright colour in the image is to show that the lives of the people have no hope and this implying the feeling of sadness and desperation to another level.




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