Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

Impressionist’s show:

  • Industrialization
  • Country to cities
  • New technology
  • Increased wealth
  • Rise of middle class
  • Faster pace of life


Impressionism (1872 – 1892)

  • Influenced by photography
  • First moving picture
  • New types of paint
  • Japanese prints
  • To capture light
  • Done outside not in a studio
  • Rejected doing historical, religious and mythological themes
  • Rejected academic paintings and the salon
  • Painted quickly and left brush marks visible
  • Painted normal Parisian life

‘Impression’ painted by Monet




Post-Impressionism (1880 – 1905)

  • Embracing term used for many reactions against Impressionists
  • Wanted to reject impressionists
  • Painted feelings
  • Kept wild colours and think painted lines left from impressionists

‘Starry Night’ painted by Van Gogh



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