Wheatfield with Crows and Zodiac


The image Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent Van Gogh shows a use of short, thick lines in his picture. Using short diagonal lines travelling from corner to corner of the image it gives the idea of movement and wild uncertainty in the picture. The quality of the lines Van Gogh used in this particular image are rough and raggedy adding to the understanding of the mood of the picture. Many different tones are used in this picture; it goes from light to dark throughout the image by shading. The actual lines in this piece are not precise but very rough and give the idea of a sketchy portrayal. There isn’t a clear outline anywhere in the image; however the change in colours separates the sections of the image.



The image Zodiac by Alphonse Mucha is very different and contrasting to that of the first piece. Mucha uses long, thin lines to convey consistency in the picture unlike Van Gogh. Using a mixture of horizontal and vertical lines shows the idea of both stability and rising and falling. However the use of curved lines makes the viewer see the image as appealing. The quality of the lines Mucha used are very smooth and sharp, allowing every detail to be seen clearly. Alphonse Mucha used block colours in this image, this sees no need for shading.  The actual lines in this image are very sharp, crisp lines are used to create a very precise view of the picture. Unlike Van Gogh’s piece, Mucha uses a very visible black outline around the face and body so to separate her from the background, stopping her from blending in and allowing her to stand out. 


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